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Watercolor Still Life

Ready to take the next steps in your journey of watercolor painting? Join established artist Mary P. Murphy in the follow-up to “Startup Library: Painting With Watercolors,” as she guides you to paint a floral still life step by step. Along the way, practice essential techniques for color mi, painting tricky textures and rendering natural forms and shadows. You’ll have an elevated skill set and a watercolor painting that’s worthy of hanging on your wall!

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Colored Pencils: Light & Shading

Follow along with award-winning colored pencil artist Cynthia Knox as she guides you step by step to create a refined floral still life–bright yellow roses against a dramatic black background. Along the way, master highlighting, shading and blending techniques to seamlessly create form and realism in your work. Plus learn to use pan pastels to speed up the process and make your drawing look like a painting.

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100+ Bornholm Classes on DVD

Want to give the gift of craft, but still have something under the tree? Discover over 150 of the our most popular Bornholm classes now on DVD. Take your pick, wrap it up and prepare to press play on creativity.

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